Wednesday, 22 February 2012

White Blood Cells – Little Angels?

I recently learned of another case of cancer close to home that is being treated with chemotherapy.  Chemotherapy is an abbreviation for chemical therapy.  I would not call it therapy though.  I’d call it murder.  Chemomurder, long and drawn out, usually painful and very dramatic in the end.  Why?  Because not only do the chemicals kill cancer cells, they kill white blood cells which we need to stay alive and well.  As it turns out, by killing white blood cells which some view as merely a physical, biological factor that the body can eventually recover from by making more of them, an astral part of the body is also killed (astral, meaning a connection with the stars, also including the etheric body, or simply, the spirit).  By killing white blood cells, some of the very essence of life is killed.  White blood cells are like tiny protective angels that should be treasured and not taken for granted.  This may sound bizarre at first, but it makes sense if some related scientific facts are considered together.  I give only a sketchy outline here, but if you're doubtful or need further explanation, just check the links provided.

In my article about medical treatment for blood cancer I briefly explained that CHOP drugs destroy and inhibit white blood cells.  In the next article about natural treatment for blood cancer, I attempted to explain in a short space how to build-up the white blood cells naturally.  In this article, I touch upon a more esoteric consideration of white blood cells, i.e., the life force that keeps us going.

As a reminder, CHOP stands for four different drugs which all adversely affect the white blood cells as follows:

Cyclophosphamide: kills white blood cells because they are fast dividing and the drug is designed to target fast dividing cells because the cancer cells are fast dividing, but it cannot discriminate between types of cells other than how fast they divide;

Doxorubicin: attacks blood cells, including white blood cells.  It also is likely to cause heart damage which is a vital organ in the circulation of blood cells throughout the body;

Vincristine: also kills white blood cells; and

Prednisolone: is a form of artificial stimulant that suppresses the immune system which has been shown to adversely affect at least one third of the body’s lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell.

The most abundant type of white blood cells in our immune system is called neutrophil granulocytes and they deal with immediate harm from infection and all sorts of harmful things including viruses and parasitic worms.  The photo shows how magic nature is with a single neutrophil (yellow) engulfing anthrax bacteria (orange), but it turns out that there is even more magic than at first meets the eye.

I would like to share a passage from Dr Douglas Baker’s book Esoteric Anatomy, Part One (1976) and then add a little discussion afterwards.

“The white cells of the blood have special associations with the astral world.  These links are emphasised in the relationships between the emotional nature of a person and his white blood cells.  His white cells have astral sheaths, especially the polymorphonuclears.  The latter reflect something of the loose and amoeboid structure of things astral.  White cells may not increase in number or grow larger in size because of the intense feelings of the one in whom they live and move and have their being, but they do reflect those feelings in themselves.  They become a reservoir of the particular emotional qualities being elaborated at an astral level.  More than this, they are susceptible to the feelings of OTHERS, to the imperfections of others especially where there is a special rapport or where there is blood relationship.  This is particularly true of twins and of parents and their children.”

Scientific Facts about White Blood Cells

Neutrophils are polymorphonuclears, which means that they have a nucleus with a number of lobules or segments connected by a fine thread.  They are also amoeboid, which means simply that they’re single-celled life-forms characterized by an irregular shape.  These cells move using pseudopodia, which are bulges of cytoplasm.  Another interesting fact from Wiki is that “amoebas breathe using their entire cell membrane that is constantly immersed in water.”

We know that white blood cells are part of our immune system and one way they help to protect our health is by eating bacteria and other protists and even eating dead organic material.  “They extend a pair of pseudopodia around food. They fuse to make a food vacuole which then fuses with a lysosome to add digestive chemicals. Undigested food is expelled at the cell membrane.”  Without white blood cells, a bunch of harmful stuff would start to accumulate in the body.

Astral Connection

There is an old saying that cleanliness is next to godliness.  If this is the case, the fact that white blood cells help to clean up the body is in itself a sign of an astral or a godlike function.  Meanwhile, the less there are and/or weaker they are, the less efficient they will be at their cleaning up job.

In addition, “the shells of amoebas are often composed of calcium. The proteins or materials are synthesized in the cell and exported just outside the cell membrane.”  I would refer to the article about the relation of calcium with the life force by Lawrence Wilson MD.  An interesting point made by Dr Wilson is that when one’s calcium stores are used up or the body is unable to utilize the calcium that is in the blood, life ebbs out of the body. He draws an analogy to calcium representing the structure that holds the etheric energy which fuels us. Without the structure intact, the etheric energy seeps out like water from a bucket with a hole in it.

To sum up, since white blood cells are amoeboid and if these amoebas have shells made from calcium, it would follow that white blood cells hold etheric energy in place which Dr Baker describes as an astral sheath because these cells reassemble themselves into a network as they move.  Whether other cells or things in the human body have this astral/etheric quality, I do not know at present.  But the fact that white blood cells have this quality is important especially since they comprise approximately one percent of our blood (92% is water by volume) and the blood is about 8% of the human body weight.

Emotions and Feelings are Important

The main point made by Dr Baker in the section quoted above though is that emotions and feelings may have an effect on white blood cells.  This is very pertinent when it comes to patients and their friends and family.  So often the case is that when a person is diagnosed with a potentially terminal illness such as cancer, fear and despair set in and negative emotions and feelings generally flourish.  Dr Baker's view of white blood cells is just another way of realising how important a positive frame of mind is for recovering from an illness, including cancer.

Perhaps if we would think of our white blood cells as little angels that need to be treated as heavenly bodies, we might think twice about what we put in our body that will adversely affect them.  Perhaps if we think of the miracles they perform every day, we would be grateful.  Trust me, it’s not that hard to find out what is harmful and what is beneficial to the well-being of white blood cells, especially if one has access to the Internet (I'd recommend my article about this for starters).  A little effort and faith in reality and nature is all it takes.

Photo credit one:  The Guardian Angel by Lauren Ford

Photo credit two:  Wiki, Foraminiferan (Ammonia tepida)

Photo Credit three:  Wiki, Neutrophil with anthrax