Friday, 14 February 2014

Food is not Medicine

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
I found myself recently saying that I practiced alternative medicine.  After all, I founded my blog and company called Simple Food Remedies and remedies are sometimes medicines.  However, when I thought about it later, I realised that I don’t really practice alternative medicine because all I do is promote the best real food possible and the avoidance of chemicals.  I eat what I like when I like (within reason, of course) and consider my food as food, not medicine.  When I made the statement about practicing alternative medicine, I was defending my right to work in an environment that doesn’t have air freshener sprayed automatically, 24/7.  My last article on this blog was about the problems with air freshener which doesn’t actually freshen the air, but rather, pollutes it with toxic chemicals.
However, I started this article out with a quote from Hippocrates which I’m sure most people have heard of.  I’d like to move on to a discussion about this because it ties in with my comment about practicing alternative medicine and my dislike of this label.  I sort of like the first part, “Let food be thy medicine” but would ask why someone 2,200 years ago felt the need for such statement.  And, is this food as medicine, alternative medicine?  It doesn't really matter.  Is it that the populace has been eating deficient diets that long?  Possibly.  Or, is it the development of a system for controlling the masses? Probably.
Now, look at the second part of the quote, “Let thy medicine be thy food”.  It sounds rather good at first glance when read in conjunction with the first part.  After all, if your food is your medicine, then you could imagine that the food you eat as medicine is your medicine, so your medicine is your food.  But why say this at all.  It infers that all food should be medicine.  Hippocrates is referred to as the father of modern medicine, and so, of course, he wanted to promote his business.  What better way to do this than to take something everyone needs, FOOD, and twist it around to refer to what he manufactured, MEDICINE.  Because of this, I think Hippocrates is a hypocrite, a big one too.  Let me explain.
Looking online, I found a warning not to confuse Hippocrates with hypocrite, but what about a warning not to confuse medicine with food.  To try to make my point of view clearer, think about using water and beer in the statement, so you would have:
Let water be thy beer and beer be thy water.
In fact, in England many people historically drank beer instead of water because the water supply was contaminated.  But of course, we can readily see the difference here.  Why is it then that we are confusing food and medicine?
My favourite quote used to be “Food and medicine are not two separate things: they are the front and back of one body. (Masanobu Fukuoka).”  Although I still admire Mr Fukuoka, after thinking things over, I’ve changed my mind about liking this quote.  I was at a conference not long ago discussing scientific advancement with food production and one delegate was representing a large food processing corporation.  She said that she was researching the possibilities of putting medicine-like components in food, which I could see as a viable option if one believes that food and medicine are the same thing.  Of course, food and medicine are not anymore the same than water and beer are the same.  Hippocrates is a hypocrite for creating or at least promoting confusion about food and medicine upon which our society and civilization have built a very sick world during the past couple of thousand years or so.
We all think we know what food is or used to be anyway.  It’s stuff that grows (or could grow) without man’s intervention in nature, like plants, fish, birds and animals and the products from them that we can eat, the less processed (not to be confused with prepared), the better.  Food nourishes us and keeps us alive and healthy.
Medicine, on the other hand, is based on manmade products that form the basis of medical treatment along with surgery, primarily to try to fix things when they go wrong.  Preventative medicine is developing too though, such as the promotion of statin drugs for keeping cholesterol levels at a prescribed level.  Another example of chemical treatment is the proliferation of supplements.  Doctors receive little to no training in nutrition and one would not expect a doctor to prescribe eating a liver dinner once a week for iron deficiency, and so on and so forth.  No, a doctor will most likely prescribe a chemical cocktail called medicine (or occasionally supplements such as iron supplements) and when things are really bad, the solution is surgery. I wrote about these two clear medical options (chemicals or surgery) in my article about breast cancer in which I expressed dismay at the lack of choices if diagnosed with this disease.  I also wrote about iron deficiency and how no one could possibly know what the correct level of iron is for any given individual, but doctors are quick to tell lots of people that they’re deficient, especially if they’re pregnant or tired.  They often create lots of other deficiencies or problems, like high cholesterol.  Another hypocrisy.  In other words, doctors pretend to know something which they know little or nothing about (a kind of lie) in order to sell their wares and services.
By the way, alternative medicine consists of manmade concoctions and procedures that are not used in mainstream society such as herbal remedies, homeopathy and reiki.  I don’t consider eating natural foods that are without chemicals or genetic modification or nano-level tampering as alternative medicine.  I expect my health to improve by having switched to natural foods from previously having had ingested lots of sugar, caffeine, alcohol and drugs, and that this will possibly even build up my immune system to such an extent that I will be protected for the rest of my life from disease.  However, I don’t call my food medicine.  There is confusion about what food is though, I admit, and I discussed what the legal perspective is in another blog article.  Basically, European law says that food is “any substance or product, whether processed, partially processed or unprocessed, intended to be, or reasonably expected to be ingested by humans” Article 2 Regulation (EC) No 178/2002.  Herein lies the root of the problem nowadays.  Although medicine is not supposed be included in this legal definition, it is nonetheless a substance intended to be ingested and the line between food and medicine is constantly being eroded.  For an example, albeit a small one, I wrote with disapproval about a novel ingredient called dihydrocapsaicin (from chilli peppers) and the synthetic version produced as an additive for foods to help those in need of losing weight.
Now I’d like to bring Asclepius into the discussion because the Hippocratic Oath that many doctors have taken (and still do) since Hippocrates made it up, originally began with something along the lines of “I swear by Apollo the Physician and by Asclepius and by Hygieia and Panacea and by all the gods ...”.  This oath was based on medical law.  Medical law must be very loopy at this stage considering what’s going on in hospitals around the world which television programs in the UK, US and Australia at least clearly show because I've seen some of them (they are shocking).
You will notice in the picture supplied by Wiki that the Statue of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine, includes his holding the symbolic Rod of Asclepius with its coiled serpent (this rod represents medicine and health care, umm, they mean sick care: they take care to make one sick with medical treatment. I know this sounds mad, but an unbiased look at the statistics shows that this is so).  I think this statue gives us a clue of how we ended up with such a global society as we have today that produces and consumes so many chemicals instead natural foods.  Look up a David Icke book or video to gain some insight on serpents and symbols if need be.  He talks a lot about reptilians and the New World Order, which is plainly unfolding for anyone to see unless they have on blindfolds (like Lady Justice), but he’s not the only one to discuss these things.  I won’t dwell on this here though, but will merely point out that the serpent is venomous.  “The snake's venom is associated with the chemicals of plants and fungi[10][11][12] that have the power to either heal or poison ...” poison seeming to be the operative word here because ALL MEDICATIONS CAUSE SIDE EFFECTS (whereas all properly prepared and consumed real foods have no side effects).  There are a lot of definitions for rod and I invite you to follow the link if you want examples.  But, why have a serpent on a rod?  There are other theories out there, but my view is that this symbol is one of control.
Let’s look at another quote: 

“If you control the food supply, you control the people” – Henry Kissinger
Now apply the Hippocrates quote and you see that since food ought to be medicine and medicine ought to be food:
“If you control medicine, you control the people.” – Me
The B’org of Food is trying to control food (e.g., with Health & Safety Laws, genetic modification patents, and other such legal measures which I wrote about on another blog, in the link) and make medicine (which they already control) the same as food.  What better way to control people but to have them all medicated?
Control Control Control. It’s all about Control.  Civilizing, constricting and taming nature outside and inside us.  In a search for control, we are limiting our unlimited potential.  This is leading to the mechanization of life on earth. (I shudder to think of all the machines there are in the world considering how nearly everything in my world has been made by machines, and considering the machines I use, and every day new ones are being developed, such as robotic carers).  Machines operate on a binary level.  Logic is binary.  Computing is binary.  Black and white.  No shades of gray.  Life is not binary.  It is unlimited.  And there is no love in a binary world contrary to what one singer seems to think in his song Binary Love.  Love is a feeling from the heart and is unlimited, not limited to two.  Machines don’t have hearts and that’s why they are easy to control.  Our mechanized world is getting more and more controlled, but losing love in the process.
To conclude, I don’t practice alternative medicine.  Eating real food is not an alternative any more than producing food without chemicals is “organic”!  Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food is nothing more than a propaganda statement for the B’org (big organisation and the New World Order).  Yes, this particular public relations story started a long time ago and the debate is truly heating up now.  I don’t want medicine!  Like Graham Harvey and many others, I want real food!  And it’s getting harder and harder to find because of the money hungry B'org that don't need food or medicine (because they're corporations - legal persons).  I believe that because of the attitude that is embodied in Hippocrates’ slogan, society as a whole is slipping into replacing its natural, real foods with chemical cocktails, known as medicine, but now coming to a supermarket near you in the form of food.
Food is not medicine and medicine is not food.  Let's not be fooled.  Let’s be unlimited (unlike the corporations which are limited).  Let’s honour our real foods and steer clear of medicine.  In so doing, we will be full of life and full of love, and happy.

Final thoughts: Chemicals and machines may seem convenient at the time, and they may even get us to Mars, but they are destroying us, our love, our happiness, and life on earth in the process.  What more can I say?  Possibly a lot.  But actions speak louder than words.  Action: such as preparing food, growing it, eating and drinking, sitting in the sunshine, walking in nature and taking deep breaths of fresh air,  sleeping, socialising, bathing ... all the things that used to be free, things that nature provides access to freely, but things that people working for money and others effected by this madness we call civilization are being denied because of the money-based New World Order.